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How Slow Webpage Speed Can Affect Your Sales?

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Regardless of their niche or industry, website administrators and online business owners want to ensure an excellent user experience. The way your website works will determine whether customers will return or not. Load speed of your website is an important factor and here are just some of the ways that webpage speed can affect your sales:

Ways A Slow Webpage Speed Can Affect Sales

People Are Getting Impatient- there are so many options out there and if your website fails to deliver, potential customers will choose competitors instead. Even current customers can get easily frustrated if your website loads slowly. They need to quickly read many webpages when comparing products and prices. If your webpage loads longer than five seconds, regardless of the Internet connection speed, it is critical to immediately optimise your website.

It’s An Important SEO Factor- Google confirmed in 2010 that website speed is one of the ranking signals. Today, it remains a factor that determines whether your website ranks higher in Google search results. Googlebot randomly opens your main page and other important landing pages to measure their loading speed. Slow loading webpages ruin user experience and Google makes sure websites in its search results have decent loading speed.

First Impression Is Irreplaceable- heavy traffic or unoptimized images may cause occasional sluggish performance. This may cause lost opportunities due to poor first impression. If it’s bad enough, some customers may refuse to return to your website, and you will lose them forever.

People Rarely Read- today, people quickly open multiple webpages without reading them. They scan the webpage and read only when there’s relevant information. If your website doesn’t load quickly, potential buyers will easily notice that. If products are quickly shown on your webpage, it will help to improve sales.

It Kills Conversion- if one-third of people leave your website because of slow loading speed, it means that you will lose 33,000 potential customers for every 100,000 unique visits. Any business owner should address any factor that drives people away.

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