Pay per click management services to get your website in front of the right eyes

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the fastest way to get your website in front of customers. A well researched, focused campaign can deliver immediate ROI so your business can take off.

PPC agency in London

Pay per click advertising enables businesses to fast track their visibility efforts by paying to have their ads displayed for relevant search terms. For new organisations especially – or those just starting out with digital marketing – PPC can be a highly attractive and effective alternative to organic SEO, which typically takes a little longer to drive results. 

Focus on Digital is a professional PPC management company specialising in expert PPC services that generate an immediate return on investment. By building well-researched and highly focused campaigns, we’re able to deliver quick wins that provide our clients with the confidence and financial resources they need to initiate their growth plans. 

As an established digital marketing company in the UK, we’re proud to offer PPC support as part of our approach, helping our clients stand out in the SERPs, capture the interest of more users, drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately boost sales.

Tried and tested expertise – no matter your sector or size

Our experienced PPC experts have helped businesses from start-up to blue chip across a wide range of sectors. Our results speak for themselves.

Our PPC services

As a top PPC agency, we’re proud to offer our clients a fully comprehensive PPC service, covering all of the critical aspects needed to create successful outcomes:

Account setup

Making the right decisions at the very start of any PPC campaign is key to staying on track. We assist with all aspects of account setup, including selecting target keywords and landing page URLs, to maximise your quality score while minimising cost per click.

Bid optimisation

To maximise your return on investment, our team continually tracks and monitors your bid strategy in line with the metrics you’re measuring. Whether you want to boost your return on advertising spend or lower your cost per action, we revise bids as needed.

Keyword research

As a provider of SEO services in London, we know just how important keywords are in digital marketing. We work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your industry and customers, generating a list of keywords and negative keywords for campaigns.

Location targeting

Keywords are important, but they’re not everything. Not all PPC ads are relevant to all users searching for your target keywords. That’s why we use location targeting, making the most of your ads by displaying them for searches in the regions you operate.

Remarketing (Retargeting)

Self-serving customers value research, which means they won’t always convert the first time they’re directed to your website. With remarketing, we make it easy for you to target these qualified leads again, motivating and encouraging them to take action.

Google Ads performance examples

Direct to consumer, eCommerce men’s retail niche

Seasonal product where Google trends volume actually tails off September onwards

Consistent monthly budget in place until the last 2 months when it was increased by 20%

Direct to consumer, eCommerce leisure niche

Return on ad spend improved from 3.25x to 5x over the year

Direct to consumer: lead gen home, garden

New website, cost per lead reduced by over 75% through to end of summer campaign

Campaign runs through to beginning of summer holiday – cost per lead reduced to 20% of it’s January level by June

Business to Business, lead gen & eCommerce

Restarted post-lockdown, cost per lead reduced from £50+ to £15 by September

Return on ad spend increased from 3x to 4.5x over year to date

Weddings, lead gen

40% reduction in cost per lead over the year so far

Ready to promote your website?

Your website is your business’ greatest digital asset. Don’t let it sit around doing nothing. 

PPC ads are the quickest way to get your website in front of the right people, driving traffic to your landing pages and allowing your site to do what it does best: convert. Contact us now to explore how we can help.