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The key foundation of a successful PPC campaign is Keyword research. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it the heart of a campaign. With initial PPC keyword research, our experts at Focus on Digital aim to find the possible targeted keywords. We know PPC is an essential source for online lead generation. Thus, we focus on finding the right keywords and related phrases that can attract the desired audience to you.
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Keyword research in pay per click by our specialists

Well, it is not as simple as it seems to be. Our team does not select any random keyword and starts bidding on it. We have a foolproof strategy for performing keyword research for PPC campaigns. Being backed by professionals who keep themselves updated with the latest innovations, below are points that form the basis of our keyword research.

Keyword Terms

PPC keyword research consists of several types of keyword terms. While researching, address non-branded terms with your brand name that describe words about your services. Here, at Focus on Digital, we do the same thing and use the keyword terms that indirectly relate to your services.

Negative keywords

The approach does not end with finding and creating a list of keywords for a PPC campaign. It involves creating a list of those keywords for whom you do not want your ads to display. Thus, the right keywords are crucial, and our team does this best by filtering out the negative search terms.

Long-tail Keywords

In PPC marketing, the best approach is to focus on long-tail keywords to beat the competition. Our specialists focus on using specific keywords because it is the only way to attract the right audience.

Steps we follow in keyword research for PPC campaigns

We feel great when our clients are successful with our PPC services. Hence we invest time and effort at every stage of the campaign to help you get the best ROI from pay-per-click. Want to know our easy PPC keyword research steps? See below

Step 1: Look for keyword research tools

We don’t guess the right keywords, as there are several tools available for keyword research. We analyse and check the search volume and then use the appropriate terms. We check out the bidding costs and competition, before settling on the initial list of keywords.

Step 2: Keyword metrics evaluation

There are two essential metrics to check on while doing PPC keyword analysis. We evaluate CPC and monthly volume. The first,monthly volume, is a measure of the number of searches for that particular term within the geographic location being targeted, and the second is CPC (cost Per Click). We optimise your campaigns, ad copy and landing pages to reduce this CPC to the lowest possible cost.

Step 3. Check out what works

After the evaluation, we try checking out if the keywords are working using some paid tools. We even snag some of the keywords from your competitors to see what works best.

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I would highly recommend Focus on Digital to anyone looking for a website to be designed. They designed my website from start to finish and the team did everything required to get the finished website I wanted. The whole experience was a real pleasure and the Focus on Digital team were exceptionally creative and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending this superb company.
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This was my first dealing with Focus on Digital, however, i am certain it won't be my last! From the moment I contacted them with my project, they listened to what i, as the client, actually wanted and not what they thought I wanted which i found a refreshing change from other website design companies. The project was delivered on time and within budget and i am delighted with the results. Would certainly recommend.
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I looked into a few other web design companies but decided to go with Focus on Digital. I’m glad I did, Ben and team explained everything as the project was delivered and I am really happy with the results. Highly recommend.
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My experience, when I used Focus On Digital London was outstanding. Their approach was professional, friendly and innovative. As a result of their creativity the website they designed for me, met and indeed exceeded my requirements and expectations.