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Certified Google Ads optimisation from Focus on Digital

For higher PPC result generation, it is crucial to optimise your ad campaigns regularly. Focus on Digital helps companies optimise their PPC campaigns effectively. We have paid search optimisation experts who can get you dramatically improved PPC results. We help clients with utmost dedication and professionalism. If you are looking for someone who does not only set up campaigns but guarantees results, consider us.


Let's transform your business into something you have never imagined with PPC campaign optimisation that’s off the charts

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Let’s look at some significant benefits of Adwords optimisation from Focus on Digital

Quality lead generation

The secret behind our success is our client’s success. If you are facing issues with lead quality, let Focus on Digital’s team handle your ad account. We do effective planning and ad campaigning to help you generate high-quality leads.

Website traffic booster

We can help you boost website traffic remarkably to reach a higher position than your competitors. In addition to creating ad campaigns, we can create eye-catching ad copies to grab visitors attention and more high quality leads to your website, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Measurable Results

When Focus on Digital comes to help, our team ensures to check the results that can be achieved. It means analysing stronger and weaker areas for the overall campaign performance and using a data driven approach to optimise the campaigns to perform at maximum efficiency

High Conversion

When we run optimised ads on google, it generates an abundant amount of traffic. This highly relevant traffic ensures a maximum conversion rate which in turn significantly improves your Return On Ad Spend.

Take a look at the approach we follow in Pay per click optimisation

1. Refine your keywords

The first step that we do in google ads optimisation is keyword refining. We analyse and remove the keywords that have less than 1% of CTR. Those keywords can lead to more ad spend with little to no benifit.

2. Split testing landing pages

There are always gates to improvement. We check whether the ad copy can be improved and try to add more punch to it. We split-test the ad copies to check which one is compelling and can increase CTR.

3. Effective scheduling

We check and schedule the ad campaigns for the peak hours when there are higher chances of getting a response. Our team ensures to increase your CTR by studying your audience’s response and behaviours. and developing strategies to capitalise on those behaviours.

4. Fresh keywords to bid on

We tune ad groups to find high-potential keywords. Our team regularly try running new search queries to look for some new keywords. This practice refines the ad group and increases the click-through rate.

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Chris Francis
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I would highly recommend Focus on Digital to anyone looking for a website to be designed. They designed my website from start to finish and the team did everything required to get the finished website I wanted. The whole experience was a real pleasure and the Focus on Digital team were exceptionally creative and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending this superb company.
Philip Clapperton
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This was my first dealing with Focus on Digital, however, i am certain it won't be my last! From the moment I contacted them with my project, they listened to what i, as the client, actually wanted and not what they thought I wanted which i found a refreshing change from other website design companies. The project was delivered on time and within budget and i am delighted with the results. Would certainly recommend.
Peter Waite
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I looked into a few other web design companies but decided to go with Focus on Digital. I’m glad I did, Ben and team explained everything as the project was delivered and I am really happy with the results. Highly recommend.
Charlotte Dixon
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My experience, when I used Focus On Digital London was outstanding. Their approach was professional, friendly and innovative. As a result of their creativity the website they designed for me, met and indeed exceeded my requirements and expectations.