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An SEO Agency to create and execute a winning digital Growth strategy. Use our expertise to get your website found on the search engine results pages.

What we can do for you


Our SEO specialists will create a bespoke SEO strategy for your business that will include an in depth manual SEO audit, ensure your site setup for success, Keyword Research to ensure you rank for phrases that convert, On Page SEO, adapting and creating content to rank for the identified key phrases, Off Page SEO, Backlink building through outreach to drive your sites ranking.


We can provide you with detailed monthly reporting, regularly review and optimise your SEO and completely manage your SEO campaign from start to finish.

We also can provide help and support to ensure that your SEO continues to be successful.

Ever changing algorithms

SEO is a constantly evolving field and our strategies are adapted to respond to these changes.

No SEO campaign remains static, with regular Google and Bing algorithm changes our campaigns have to be nimble to continually drive up rankings.

Our SEO Process

Off Page

Off Page SEO encompasses the various processes and action we perform away from your website that impact its ranking within search engine results pages (SERPs)


we put in place to identify crucial information that will feed into your overarching SEO strategy, such as keyword research and gap analysis, and to continuously track the performance of your website in response to our techniques


Technical SEO refers to the processes involved in optimising your website for crawling and indexing,as well as further technical processes designed to improve your site’s search visibility

On page

On Page (CSS) SEO relates to the content throughout your website, and how this can be created and optimised to support the ranking and visibility of your site’s pages on search engines

Case Study: Solicitors

The Challenge

We identified multiple pages for Divorce that were conflicting with each other when it came to positioning on SERPs – this also included some blog articles.

Whilst the site had pages which were being associated with different keywords and phrases, these were not completely relevant and were mostly capturing intent for people searching for will services in general. With this in mind, it was important that any changes to the page ensured that it would show up for search queries related to contesting a will.


Visibility is the first concern of anyone using a website to build their business. SEO is everything we do to promote your site in the search rankings. Appearing at the top of page 1 for the right terms is vital – when customers use popular keywords to find your product or service, you need to show up at the top of the list.

In this sprint we concentrated on the Divorce, Wills and the Private Client sector of the business, which meant reviewing the following pages:  Disputing a Will, Divorce,  Power of Attorney, Wills, Inheritance Tax (this page was created but did not go live in this sprint – so we have not included results within our reporting)

We begun by analysing each page for current statistics and performance, to help identify what can be done to further optimise the pages and maximise opportunities for traffic/SEO. We carefully monitor your site throughout the campaign, reviewing optimised pages on a weekly basis, ensuring we are constantly growing traffic and increasing/maintaining positions for keywords we want to target. As we identify areas to grow, we slightly alter pages to help improve visibility further.

As competition and algorithms constantly change, it is essential to regularly revisit pages and the content we are creating to make sure they are performing to the best of their ability and according to Google’s specific needs.


Whilst there are fluctuations within SEO, we have seen a positive increase in performance across the website. The overall traffic from organic search/SEO is up +29.48% compared to the November 2018 baseline and up +24.77% year-on-year. Pages are no longer competing with each other for key phrases and terms, however we are now no longer seeing this. With further optimisation we can ensure that all pages are aligned fully with search intent. Our efforts have increased the authority of the site on search engine results pages (SERPs), so we now have site extensions visible on organic listings:

the only SERP entry to have this.
Some of the key wins during this sprint include that your website is now:

● #1 for “solicitors”

● #1 for “wills solicitors”

● #1 for “power of attorney solicitor southend”

● #1 for “power of attorney solicitor in Essex”

● #4 for “Solicitors Essex”

● On page 1 for “divorce solicitors essex”

Distinguished SEO Performance

213% increase in sessions
43% decrease in bounce rate
210% increase in Users

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Case Study: Digital Asset Management

This client runs a digital asset management software company and required us to re-do the website. Upon rebuilding the website, we
also looked through the SEO. We completed audits to see what content had equity and therefore could be saved, and also what
content was needed moving forward. It was important for the client to appear for terms such as ‘retail marketing’, ‘Brand Activation
Management’ and other various terms that the audience would be searching for, not just what the business services required.

Positions before work was completed: Retail Marketing - Position 89 Brand Activation Management - not in the top 100 Corporate Communications - position 30

Work Completed:

After the audits and strategy were aligned, we began the migration of the website, porting over the pages, ensuring the correct
redirects in place. Keyword research was completed to ensure that the correct pages were also optimised for the correct terms.
SEO – Digital Asset Management


Within three months of launching the new
website and having it indexed on Google
and other search engines we saw a vast
increase of positions.

Positions after work was completed: Retail Marketing - Position 9 Brand Activation Management - Position 3 Corporate Communications - position 10

case study: Medical Lawyers

This client had issues when it came to their visibility, being associated by search engines
for ‘solicitors’ when they are in a specific niche of ‘medical negligence specialists’ etc. There
was a rebrand for the client, which included a logo, new website and a new strategy for
their SEO and other marketing.

Positions before work was completed: Medical Negligence Specialists - Position 70

Work Completed:

After the audits and strategy were aligned, we began the migration of the website, porting
over the pages, ensuring the correct redirects in place. Keyword research was completed to
ensure that the correct pages were also optimised for the correct terms. 

SEO – Medical Lawyers

Within the first month of launch we noticed a
huge drop in traffic, however this was due to
the website being realigned with the correct
intent and keywords. Whilst traffic reduced, the
quality of leads increased with a 117% increase
of conversions.

Positions after work was completed: Medical Negligence Specialists - Position 7
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