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As a business, chances are that you already know just how important a website is going to be. Not only does it give you the chance to showcase your brand, but also share news and sell products if that is what you do. Whilst it is vital to have a website, it is equally as important to make sure that you invest in good website design too.

Why it is important to invest in your website design

We know that it can be hard to know where to invest in your business. So to help to show you why website design is key, here are the things to keep in mind.


A website that doesn’t look good will look unprofessional. Whether it is fair or not, a visitor (and potential customer) is going to judge the professionalism of your company on your website. If your website doesn’t look good, or it looks outdated and amateur, then this is how you will be seen.

Mobile Design

Your website needs to be mobile responsive. More and more people have moved away from only surfing and shopping on their computer or laptop and instead are doing most of this on their mobile device. With such a large part of your audience using mobile devices, it makes sense that one incredibly important thing to do is to make sure that your website is not just mobile friendly but is actually mobile optimised.

User Experience

You need to provide the best customer experience It doesn’t take long for a possible customer to become bored or frustrated when visiting a website. In fact, it is only a matter of seconds before a broken link or a page failing to load before they turn off and move away to your competitor’s website.


A website needs to work well and it needs to look good; but what exactly is meant by just right? It is important that you get the perfect balance between words and visuals, as well as making sure that the finishing touches are right, such as the font that you use and that the colour scheme works well together too. Not always the easiest of balancing acts to achieve.


Design Process


The first step is to get together with you and understand what your requirements are, look and feel of the website, the purpose, goals and target audience.


The next step is planning, this step is all about the Structure of the site, the site map and deciding on the technologies that are going to be used and plugins that will be employed to enhance the site.


In the design stage we'll work with you to create the visual style of the website and work to ensure the user experience is spot on.


In this stage we will work with you to agree the content required on your site. We’ll ensure content is SEO optimised and engaging for your customers We’ll suggest and agree photos and videos that will enhance your site


This is where any necessary development will take place if the site requires custom HTML or databases. We’ll also make changes to ensure the design is responsive at this stage.


We’ll ensure your website is fit for purpose during this stage, we’ll complete browser compatibility testing and ensure all technical features of the website deliver the functionality required


Launch day! We’ll publish your website and ensure it can be seen by the major search engines. We’ll monitor the website post launch and make any necessary bug fixes and amendments. Going forward we would be delighted to manage maintenance and future updates of your website.


Need a website but don’t know where to start? We give you a full solution to your hosting needs and provide support you need to launch your site.